Pigeon? What? I’m confused.

You know what reader, you should be confused. I hate to break it to all you pigeon enthusiasts out there but this blog has got nothing to do with our mangy two legged friend.
I just simply like the word ‘mangy’
hmm… ‘mangy’
What a great word…

So why are you reading this?
beats me. But my first guess would be that you’re either avoiding revision or some form of work. Or you genuinely like the word mangy. (Who doesn’t?)

You can expect:
Art studies
Fashion studies
But don’t worry you’re not going to be studying -that’s why you’re reading this in the first place. Remember.
And also:
The answers to the questions you pretend not to care about
And of course some pigeon puns (you can’t make this stuff up)

But don’t worry its not all high flying (yes *pun intended*) superficial rubbish. I’ll also be giving honest reviews, pieces of writing and of course music evaluation.

Enjoy, let me know any comments -thanks!


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