How to dissuade someone from going to the moon

You know when you love a book so much that you don’t want anyone else to read it just in case they don’t like it nearly as much as you do.

Well, I’m gonna break my beloved rule and share my absolute favourite book with you.

Ok this is a big moment for me

here is it.

172 hours on the moon

OK so when you read the blurb, you subconsciously read it to yourself in a super cheesy action movie way because its basically like:
Three kids are sent to the moon, but what will they find??
And before you know it you’re already rolling your eyes.

But I want to tell you that this book is honestly the most incredible piece of literature I have ever read. The plot, so brilliantly written and crafted you will be whisked away to a world so dark a place that you will be questioning how your mind ever reached such dark depths in the first place.

I mean I don’t wanna big it up or anything.

For instance, the beginning is slow, the plot takes a while to thicken, as mysteries and back stories unravel, however the beginning is essential to the rest of the book. From day one mysteries unfold, one after another, they spur questions that leave you with the same answer, ‘no. It can’t be?’

This is the book that you want to stop reading just to get out of Johan Harstad’s fantasy. But you can’t, because before you know it -the pages are turning themselves.

So make sure to take a quick glance around before you start the next chapter of this truly incredible book.


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