Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a bag.

So, so far you’ve seen a bit of this
and of course this

But really, haven’t you seen this sort of stuff everywhere?


I got this in Tk Maxx and I thought, ‘this’ll brighten my day!’ However I was of course reluctant to join this brief craze in fashion, that probably went out of style about a week ago.

All these designs are based on the art of Roy Lichtenstein:

I’m obsessed with his work, I think it is brilliant. I particularly love how ironic it all is.
His heroes are women talking about love and worrying about men. It puts you into perspective of how trivial and insignificant are small problems are to say oh I dunno… Wolverines! I mean seriously that guy is tortured. The one time he actually develops emotions for someone, he has to kill them… deep stuff I know…

To be honest I’m quite picky when it comes to movies -especially action ones because I hate nothing more than sitting in a cinema for two and half hours, just watching some guy beat up another one -Gee, it’s not like I’ve seen that before.
No, I want plotline, good characters and a killer romance story.

Actually screw that, just book in Hugh Jackman and I’m there.



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