Films, Movies, Whatever you call them

Ok so its that time of year where its not really summer yet so you’re.. well.. kinda bored. This means its movie time.

First I went to see The Amazing Spider Man 2 with my friend who only came with me because quote “Andrew Garfield’s in it” I rolled my eyes to which she replied “What? He’s a hot nerd -that’s the dream!”
She had a point.
So I walked into the cinema with this kind of mind-set:lolz

I’m not gonna lie, when I saw this I was a little disheartened.

But 10 minutes later all the jealously was gone (ok maybe not all but… kinda)

Their chemistry was honestly incredible, the fact that they’ve actually been dating makes every scene perfect

By the end I was totally like…

Oh yh and the action was cool and whatever -well my brother liked it so…

But I would 100% recommend this movie, interesting characters, solid plotline, you know -Andrew Garfield also the effects would be hurl-able (??) if you saw it in 3D.

* * *

Ok, so this was the next film. You can probably guess what it is so I won’t bother to write the title again.
Cos its long. So is the film -2 and a half hours, so get a small Pepsi unless you have a steel bladder.

So, this was basically our favourite Australian (Wolver’s) role:
Standing around without a shirt on. Being awesome. Looking intense. Generally being hench.

Moving on…

Then (the oh so loved) Jennifer Lawrence or Mystique who was generally:
Holding plastic guns.

Being flexible.

Being the character everyone wants to be.

Then these gals:


Especially the quick guy cos lets face it, he was the best.

I would watch this movie again and again if I could. But I can’t. So I won’t.


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