Bad Reputation?


So most people know Kristen Stewart as…

kkAnd we respect her for that… (I wanna say… gift??)

But i’m not gonna sit here and mock her for living every tweenager’s dream in the form of Bella … (something).

Oh by the way if you missed this totally rad series. I’ll just catch you up to speed:

Right now that we’ve got that out of the way…

Now, whenever I get a Vogue I always like to look at the inside cover (because I know the brand has paid squillions to be there) so today when I came across this,

Then it reminded me of the film, ‘The Runaways’ from 2010:

This is the original 70s band:

Stewart played a young Joan Jett.
I’m a huge Joan Jett fan, for me she’s always been a bit of an icon – as she was the first ever female rock singer I’d heard.
As well as that she was a style icon, inspiring me to buy my first “leather” jacket.
She was angry. And I loved it

I was impressed by the film and Stewarts attitude was perfect.

Case closed.


One thought on “Bad Reputation?

  1. I love love love this….she (Kristen) is so diverse, she is the hottest actress out there….keep doing what you do Kristen and step over the HATERS.

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